Russian word of the day: Возмутиться

Jul 13, 2020
[ vaz-mu-tée-tsa ]
Verb , perfective
Imperfective - возмуща́ться (see below)
to become indignant / outraged, to protest


  • Сотру́дники возмути́лись сокраще́нием зарпла́т.

    sat-rúd-nee-kee vaz-mu-tée-lees' sa-kra-schyé-nee-yem zar-plát

    Employees were outraged by the reduction in salaries.

  • Она́ возмути́лась, услы́шав его́ сло́ва.

    a-ná vaz-mu-tée-las', us-lý-shaf ye-vó sla-vá

    She got outraged at hearing his words.

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The imperfective aspect

[ vaz-mu-schá-tsa ]
to be indignant, to be shocked, to be outraged
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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "возмути".

  • Твоё поведе́ние возмути́тельно!

    tva-yó pa-vee-dyé-nee-ye vaz-mu-tée-teel'-na

    Your behavior is outrageous!

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