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"Sweater" in Russian

Russian word of the day | May 14, 2018
[ svée-ter ]

Noun , masculine

sweater, pullover, slip-over


  • Я забы́ла свой сви́тер в маши́не.

    ya za-bý-la svoî svée-ter v ma-shée-nye

    I forgot my sweater in the car.

  • На́до бы́ло наде́ть сви́тер потепле́е.

    ná-da bý-la na-dyét' svée-ter pa-teep-lyé-ye

    I should have put on a warmer sweater.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "свитер".

  • Како́й сви́тер лу́чше, си́ний и́ли бордо́вый?

    ka-kóî svée-ter lúch-she, sée-neeî ée-lee bar-dó-vyî

    Which sweater is better, the blue one or the burgundy one?

  • Поищи́ в шкафу́ мой сви́тер, пожа́луйста.

    pa-ee-schée f shka-fú moi svée-ter pa-zhá-lus-ta

    Look in the wardrobe for my sweater, please.

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2 thoughts on “Свитер

  1. Antonino Tordonato says:

    if I may I correct?
    Я забы́ла свой сви́тер в маши́не. = I forgot your sweater in the car.

    • Learn Russian Daily says:

      Hi Antonino,

      “Свой” in this case refers to the pronoun I. So it’s “my sweater”.

      If I say “ты забыл свой свитер”, this would mean “you forgot your sweater”. “Он забыл свой свитер” = “he forgot his sweater”.

      If I need to say “I forgot your sweater”, I say “я забыла твой свитер”.

      You can learn more about the pronoun “свой” here: Russian reflexive possessive pronoun “свой”

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