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"Snowdrift" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Oct 22, 2018
[ sug-róp ]
Noun , masculine
Plural - сугро́бы

Examples of "Snowdrift" in Russian

  • Сугро́бы намело́ вы́ше пе́рвого этажа́!

    sug-ró-by na-mee-ló vý-she pyér-va-va ee-ta-zhá

    The snowdrifts are (drifted) above the ground floor!

  • Маши́ну занесло́ в сугро́б.

    ma-shée-nu za-nees-ló f sug-róp

    The car lost control and ended up in a snowdrift.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "сугроб".

  • Просты́е в произво́дстве и эффекти́вные в сугро́бах ва́ленки спасли́ мно́гих сове́тских солда́т во вре́мя войны́.

    pras-tý-ye v pra-eez-vódst-vye ee e-feek-téev-ny-ye v sug-ró-bah vá-leen-kee spas-lée mnó-geeh sa-vyets-keeh sal-dát va vryé-mya vaî-ný

    Simple in production and effective in drifts, the felt boots saved many Soviet soldiers during the war.

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