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"Strength" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Feb 06, 2020
[ sée-la ]
Noun , feminine
Plural - си́лы
strength, force, power, might, intensity

Examples of "Strength" in Russian

  • У меня́ нет бо́льше сил терпе́ть твои́ капри́зы.

    u mee-nyá nyet ból'-she seel teer-pyét' tva-ée kap-rée-zy

    I have no more energy to bear your whims.

  • Ве́тер с си́лой гнул дере́вья и сбива́л люде́й с ног.

    vyé-tyer s sée-laî gnul dee-ryév'-ya ee sbee-vál lyu-dyéî s nok

    The strong wind bent the trees and knocked people down.

Russian Verb Conjugation

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Same stem words

уси́лие [u-sée-lee-ye] Noun
effort, strain, exertion
си́льный [séel'-nyî] Adjective

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