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"Stopover" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jun 18, 2020
[ pee-ree-sát-ka ]
Noun , feminine
Plural - переса́дки
stopover, transfer, change

Examples of "Stopover" in Russian

  • На ста́нции "Технологи́ческий институ́т" сде́лайте переса́дку.

    na stán-tsee-ee teeh-na-la-gée-chees-keeî eens-tee-tút sdyé-laî-tye pee-ree-sát-ku

    Change the line at the "Technological Institute" station.

  • Мы лете́ли непрямы́м ре́йсом с переса́дкой в Стамбу́ле.

    my lee-tyé-lee nee-prya-mým ryéî-sam s pee-ree-sát-kaî f stam-bú-lye

    We flew an indirect flight with a stopover in Istanbul.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "пересадк".

  • Отсю́да нет прямы́х ре́йсов в Петербу́рг, то́лько с переса́дкой.

    at-syú-da nyet pree-mýh ryéî-saf f pee-teer-búrk, tól'-ka s pee-ree-sát-kaî

    There are no direct flights from here to Petersburg, only with a stopover.

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посади́ть [pa-sa-déet'] Verb
to plant; to lock up; to seat, to place
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