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"To look / To watch" in Russian

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[ smatryét' ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - посмотре́ть
to look, to watch
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Examples of "To look / To watch" in Russian

  • Смотри́ сюда́.

    smat-rée syu-dá

    Look here.

  • Я уже́ смотре́ла э́то кино́.

    ya u-zhé smat-ryé-la é-ta kee-nó

    I watched this movie already.

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Same stem words

рассма́тривать [ras-mát-ree-vat'] Verb
to look at, to examine, to view; to consider
подсма́тривать [pat-smát-ree-vát'] Verb
to spy, to peep

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