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"Boring" in Russian

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[ skuch-nýî ]
boring, dull
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Examples of "Boring" in Russian

  • Ле́кция была́ тако́й ску́чной, что мы ушли́ в середи́не.

    lyék-tsee-ya by-lá ta-kóî skúch-naî, chto my ush-lée v see-ree-dée-nye

    The lecture was so boring that we left in the middle.

  • Рабо́та э́та ску́чная, но высокоопла́чиваемая.

    ra-bó-ta é-ta skúch-na-ya, no vy-sa-ko-ap-lá-chee-va-ee-ma-ya

    This work is boring, but highly paid.

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Same stem words

скуча́ть [sku-chát'] Verb
to be bored, to have a tedious time; (по кому-то) to long (for), to miss

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