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"Pointer" in Russian

Russian word of the day | May 06, 2020
[ u-ka-zá-teel' ]
Noun , masculine
Plural - указа́тели
sign, pointer

Examples of "Pointer" in Russian

  • Иди́те, ориенти́руясь по указа́телям.

    ee-dée-tye, a-ree-yeen-tée-ru-yas' pa u-ka-zá-tee-lyam

    Go following the signs.

  • На указа́теле бы́ло напи́сано, что до го́рода два́дцать киломе́тров.

    na u-ka-zá-tee-lye bý-la na-pée-sa-na, chto da gó-ra-da dvá-tsat' kee-la-myét-raf

    It was written on the sign that the city is 20 kilometers away.

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