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"Shade / shadow" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jul 10, 2019
[ tyen' ]
Noun , feminine
Plural - те́ни
shade, shadow

Examples of "Shade / shadow" in Russian

  • Малы́ш впервы́е уви́дел со́бственную тень и испуга́лся.

    ma-lýsh fpreer-vý-ye u-vée-deel sópst-veen-nu-yu tyen' ee ees-pu-gál-sya

    The kid saw his own shadow for the first time and got scared.

  • Сего́дня нереа́льно жа́рко, 30 гра́дусов в тени́.

    see-vód-nya nee-ree-ál'-na zhár-ka, trée-tsat' grá-du-saf f tee-née

    Today it is very hot, 30 degrees in the shade.

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