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"To be jealous" in Russian

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[ reev-na-vát' ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Accusative, Dative
Perfective - приревнова́ть
to be jealous
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Examples of "To be jealous" in Russian

  • Он ревну́ет её ко всем подря́д.

    on reev-nú-yet ye-yó ka fsyem pad-ryát

    He is jealous of everybody (around her).

  • Она́ ревнова́ла его́ к бы́вшим подру́гам.

    a-ná reev-na-vá-la ye-vó k býv-sheem pad-rú-gam

    She was jealous of his ex-girlfriends.

Same stem words

ревни́вый [reev-née-vyî] Adjective

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