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"To rejoice" in Russian

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[ rá-da-va-tsa ]
Verb , imperfective
Often used with the Dative case
Perfective - пора́доваться, обра́доваться (see below)
to be happy, to rejoice

The perfective aspect

обра́доваться [ab-rá-da-va-tsa] Verb
to be happy, to rejoice
пора́доваться [pa-rá-da-va-tsa] Verb
to be glad / pleased / happy
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Examples of "To rejoice" in Russian

  • Вся семья́ ра́довалась его́ прие́зду.

    vsya seem'-ya rá-da-va-las' ee-vó pree-yéz-du

    The whole family was happy about his arrival.

  • Чему́ ты ра́дуешься?

    chee-mú ty rá-du-eesh-sya

    What are you so happy about?

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