How to say 

"Quietly" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Nov 04, 2019
[ tée-ha ]
quietly, softly, gently, silently; slowly


  • Послу́шай, как ти́хо вокру́г!

    pa-slú-shaî, kak tée-ha vak-rúk

    Listen how quiet it is around!

  • Ко́ни ти́хо брели́ по высо́кой траве́.

    kó-nee tée-ha bree-lée pa-vy-só-kaî tra-vyé

    The horses slowly walked through the tall grass.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "тихо".

  • Он наслажда́лся ти́хой семе́йной жи́знью.

    on nas-lazh-dál-sya tée-haî see-myéî-naî zhéezn'-yu

    He was enjoying a quiet family life.

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