Russian word of the day: Подсидеть

Aug 13, 2017 (see all)
[ pad-see-dyét' ]
Verb , perfective
Often used with the Accusative case
Imperfective - подси́живать
to scheme / intrigue against (usually to take one's position)
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  • Все счита́ют, что ты подсиде́л Анто́на.

    fvsye schee-tá-yut chto ty pad-see-dyél an-tó-na

    Everybody thinks that you intrigued against Anton to take his position.

  • Он пережива́ет, что его́ мо́гут подсиде́ть в компа́нии.

    on pee-ree-zhee-vá-eet, chto ee-vó mó-gut pad-see-dyét' f kam-pá-nee-ee

    He worries that somebody can scheme against him in the company (to take his position).

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сиде́ть [see-dyét'] Verb
to sit, to be seated

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