Russian word of the day: Подруга

Apr 11, 2019
[ pa-drú-ga ]
Noun , feminine
Plural - подру́ги
(girl / female) friend


  • Э́то моя́ лу́чшая подру́га.

    é-ta ma-yá lúch-sha-ya pa-drú-ga

    This is my best (female) friend.

  • Пого́да была́ хоро́шей и подру́ги реши́ли провести́ день на пля́же.

    pa-gó-da by-lá ha-ró-sheî ee pad-rú-gee ree-shée-lee pra-vees-tée vyes' dyen' na plyá-zhe

    The weather was good and the friends (girls) decided to spend the day on the beach.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "подруг".

  • Она́ ревнова́ла его́ к бы́вшим подру́гам.

    a-ná reev-na-vá-la ye-vó k býv-sheem pad-rú-gam

    She was jealous of his ex-girlfriends.

Same stem words

дружи́ть [dru-zhéet'] Verb
to be friends
друг [druk] Noun
дру́жба [drúzhba] Noun

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