Russian word of the day: Отель

Jan 21, 2019
[ a-tél' ]

Noun , masculine

Plural - оте́ли



  • В како́м оте́ле вы останови́лись?

    v ka-kóm a-té-lye vy as-ta-na-vée-lees'

    What hotel did you stay at?

  • Я оста́вила фотоаппара́т в но́мере в оте́ле.

    ya as-tá-vee-la fa-ta-ap-pa-rát v nó-mye-rye v a-té-lye

    I left the camera in the hotel room.

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2 thoughts on “Отель

    • Learn Russian Daily says:

      Hello Katherine,

      We equally use both: отель and гостиница. Гостиница is originally a Russian word that comes from гость (quest) and гостить (be on a visit, to stay with). Отель is adopted from French. I can’t tell you when it was adopted, but it definitely happened a while ago. The word отель is present in most dictionaries.

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