Russian word of the day: Осторожно

Aug 10, 2018
[ as-ta-rózh-na ]
carefully, cautiously; with care!; be careful!; watch out!


  • Осторо́жно, окра́шено!

    as-ta-rózh-na, ak-rá-she-na

    Careful, it is freshly painted!

  • Води́ осторо́жно.

    va-dée as-ta-rózh-na

    Drive carefully.

Russian Verb Conjugation

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "осторожно".

  • Осторо́жно с ножо́м, он о́чень о́стрый!

    as-ta-rózh-na s na-zhóm, on ó-cheen' óst-ryî

    Be careful with the knife, it is very sharp!

  • Осторо́жно, не прищеми́ па́льцы!

    as-ta-rózh-na, nye pree-schee-mée pál'-tsy

    Careful, do not pinch your fingers!

  • Осторо́жно, э́то о́чень хру́пкое!

    as-ta-rózh-na, é-ta ó-cheen' hrúp-ka-ye

    Bе careful, it is very fragile!

  • Осторо́жно с разби́тым стака́ном, не пора́нься!

    as-ta-rózh-na s raz-bée-tym sta-ká-nam, nye pa-rán'-sya

    Be careful with the broken glass, do not hurt yourself!

  • Осторо́жно с э́тим ножо́м, он о́чень о́стрый.

    as-ta-rózh-na s é-teem na-zhóm, on ó-cheen' óst-ryi

    Be careful with this knife, it is very sharp.

  • Осторо́жно, э́то кипято́к, не ошпа́рься!

    as-ta-rózh-na, é-ta kee-pee-tók, nye ash-pár'-sya

    Careful, it's boiling water, don't scald yourself!

  • Осторо́жно, зла́я соба́ка!

    as-ta-rój-na, zlá-ya sa-bá-ka

    Be aware of the dog! (Lit. - Careful, angry dog!)

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