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"Bad weather" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jan 17, 2019
[ nee-pa-gó-da ]
Noun , feminine
Plural - непого́ды
bad weather

Examples of "Bad weather" in Russian

  • Москву́ накры́ла непого́да.

    mask-vú nak-rý-la nee-pa-gó-da

    Bad weather covered Moscow.

  • И́з-за непого́ды заде́ржаны все у́тренние ре́йсы.

    eez-za nee-pa-gó-dy za-dyér-zha-ny fsye ut-reen-nee-ye ryéî-sy

    Due to the bad weather, all morning flights are delayed.

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пого́да [pa-gó-da] Noun
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