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"Narrow" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jun 06, 2019
[ ús-keeî ]
narrow, tight

Examples of "Narrow" in Russian

  • По э́тим у́зким у́лочкам не прое́дет да́же ма́ленькая маши́на.

    pa é-teem ús-keem ú-lach-kam nye pra-yé-deet dá-zhe má-leen'-ka-ya ma-shée-na

    Even a small car will not pass through these narrow streets.

  • У него́ чрезвыча́йно у́зкий кругозо́р.

    u nee-vó chreez-vy-cháî-na ús-keeî kru-ga-zór

    He has an extremely narrow mental outlook. (He is extremely narrow-minded.)

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