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"Mutual understanding" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Apr 22, 2020
[ vza-ee-ma-pa-nee-má-nee-ye ]
Noun , neuter
mutual understanding

Examples of "Mutual understanding" in Russian

  • Они́ так и не нашли́ взаимопонима́ния.

    a-née tak ee nye nash-leé vza-ee-ma-pa-nee-má-nee -ya

    They never found mutual understanding.

  • Ме́жду сторона́ми дости́гнуто взаимопонима́ние.

    myézh-du sta-ra-ná-mee das-téeg-nu-ta vza-ee-ma-pa-nee-má-nee-ye

    Mutual understanding was reached between the parties.

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