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"Method" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Sep 14, 2018
[ myé-tat ]

Noun , masculine

Plural - ме́тоды



  • Ме́тодом проб и оши́бок им удало́сь постро́ить свой би́знес.

    myé-ta-dam prop ee a-shée-bak eem u-da-lós' pas-tró-eet' svoî béez-nes

    Through trial and error, they managed to build their own business.

  • Их ме́тоды рабо́ты давно́ устаре́ли.

    eeh myé-ta-dy ra-bó-ty dav-nó us-ta-ryé-lee

    Their methods of work have long been outdated.

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