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"Mankind" in Russian

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[ chee-la-vyé-cheest-va ]
Noun , neuter
mankind, humanity
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Examples of "Mankind" in Russian

  • Впервы́е за всю исто́рию существова́ния челове́чества бо́льшая его́ часть живёт в города́х.

    fpeer-vý-ye za fsyu ees-tó-ree-yu su-schyest-va-vá-nee-ya chee-la-vyé-cheest-va ból'-sha-ya ye-vó chast' zhee-vyót v ga-ra-dáh

    For the first time in the history of mankind, most of it lives in cities.

  • Ви́дите ли вы, како́й сейча́с вы́бор стои́т пе́ред челове́чеством?

    vée-dee-tye lee vy, ka-kóî seeî-chás vý-bar sta-éet pyé-ryet chee-la-výe-cheest-vam

    Do you see the choice facing humanity now?

Declension of the word человечество

Case Singular Plural
Nominative Nom. челове́чество челове́чества
Genitive Gen. челове́чества челове́честв
Dative Dat. челове́честву челове́чествам
Accusative Acc. челове́чество челове́чества
Instrumental Inst. челове́чеством челове́чествами
Prepositional Prep. челове́честве челове́чествах

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2 thoughts on “Человечество

  1. Hello, I suppose the его́ in the first example refers to челове́чество. I just find it confusing that it is put in front of часть which is feminine. Sometimes I find the word order in Russian very strange like in this example, I suppose бо́льшая часть его́ is Ok as well? Thanks.

    • Learn Russian Words says:

      Hi Anita,

      Yes, его refers to человечество. The order indeed can be confusing, especially when it comes to possessive pronouns.

      You can say “бо́льшая часть его́”, the sentence will still make sense, but I find this order a bit unnatural. Particularly because when you say “a part of it / its part”, the most natural way is to put the pronoun first: его часть (not часть его).

      It is the same with any noun that goes with a possessive pronoun (in a statement): твоя сумка (not сумка твоя).

      I think it’s easier to grasp with a more literal translation: “For the first time in the history of mankind, the biggest its part lives in cities.”

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