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"To fly" in Russian

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[ lee-tát' ]
Verb , imperfective
Perfective - слета́ть, полета́ть
to fly
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Examples of "To fly" in Russian

  • Он ча́сто лета́ет.

    on chás-ta lee-tá-eet

    He flies often (by plane).

  • На про́шлой неде́ле мы лета́ли в Ни́ццу.

    na prósh-laî nee-dyé-lye my lee-tá-lee v née-tsu

    Last week we flew to Nice.

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Same stem words

вертолёт [veer-ta-lyót] Noun
самолёт [sa-ma-lyót] Noun
plane, aircraft
лете́ть [lee-tyét'] Verb
to fly

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