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"Just about to" in Russian

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[ vot-vot ]
just about to, just on the point of, at any moment now
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Examples of "Just about to" in Russian

  • Поторопи́сь, кино́ вот-во́т начнётся.

    pa-ta-ra-pées', kee-nó vot-vot nach-nyó-tsa

    Hurry up, the movie is about to begin.

  • Э́тот ста́рый дом вот-во́т разва́лится.

    é-tat stá-ryî dom vot-vot raz-vá-lee-tsa

    This old house is about to fall apart.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "вот-вот".

  • Я вот-вот засну́.

    ya vot-vot zas-nú

    I'm about to fall asleep.

  • Вот-во́т начнётся гроза́.

    vot-vot nach-nyó-tsa gra-zá

    A thunderstorm is about to begin.

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