Hut - Meaning in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jun 09, 2020
[ eez-bá ]
Noun , feminine
Plural - и́збы
izba, (peasant's) house, peasant's log hut, hut

Examples of "Hut" in Russian

  • Изба́ - э́то иско́нно ру́сское деревя́нное жили́ще.

    eez-bá - é-ta ees-kón-na rús-ka-ye dee-ree-vyán-na-ye zhee-lée-schye

    Izba is an original Russian wooden dwelling.

  • Мы посети́ли музе́й, представля́ющий собо́й ру́сскую избу́ 18-го ве́ка.

    my pa-see-tée-lee mu-zyéi, preet-stav-lyá-yu-sheeî sa-bóî rús-ku-yu eez-bú va-seem-ná-tsa-ta-va vyé-ka

    We visited a museum which is a Russian hut of the 18th century.

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