How to say 

"Idea" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Aug 16, 2018
[ ee-dyé-ya ]

Noun , feminine

Plural - иде́и



  • У меня́ есть отли́чная иде́я.

    u mee-nyá yest' at-léech-na-ya ee-dyé-ya

    I have a great idea.

  • Э́та навя́зчивая иде́я не отпуска́ла меня́ бо́льше года.

    é-ta na-vyáz-chee-va-ya ee-dyé-ya nye at-pus-ká-la mee-nyá ból'-she gó-da

    This obsessive idea did not leave me for more than a year.

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