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"Ice-cream" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Dec 30, 2019
[ ma-ró-zhee-na-ye ]
Noun , neuter
Plural - моро́женые

Examples of "Ice-cream" in Russian

  • Моро́женое лю́бят как де́ти, так и взро́слые.

    ma-ró-zhee-na-ye lyú-byat kak dyé-tee, tak ee vzrós-ly-ye

    Both children and adults love ice cream.

  • Тебе́ како́е моро́женое, сли́вочное и́ли шокола́дное?

    tee-byé ka-kó-ye ma-ró-zhee-na-ye, slée-vach-na-ye ée-lee sha-ka-lád-na-ye

    What ice-cream do you want, cream or chocolate?

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "морожен".

  • Он съел три по́рции моро́женого!

    on s-yel tree pór-tsee-ee ma-ró-zhee-na-va

    He ate three potions of ice cream!

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