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"Hot" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jul 09, 2020
[ ga-ryá-cheeî ]
hot, fervent

Examples of "Hot" in Russian

  • В середи́не ле́та у нас обы́чно отключа́ют горя́чую во́ду на неде́лю.

    f see-ree-dée-nye lyé-ta, u nas a-bých-na atk-lyu-chá-yut ga-ryá-chu-yu vó-du na nee-dyé-lyu

    In the middle of summer, hot water is usually turn off for a week.

  • Чай был горя́чим и сла́дким.

    chaî byl ga-ryá-cheem ee slát-keem

    Tea was hot and sweet.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "горяч".

  • Тари́фы на отопле́ние и горя́чую во́ду повы́сились на 20%.

    ta-fée-fy na a-ta-plyé-nee-ye ee ga-ryá-chu-yu vó-du pa-vý-see-lees' na vdá-tsat' pra-tsén-taf

    Tariffs for heating and hot water increased by 20%.

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