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"Homework" in Russian

Russian phrase of the day | Sep 16, 2020
дома́шнее зада́ние
[ da-másh-nye-ye za-dá-nee-ye ]

Useful information

In colloquial speech, this phrase is often shortened to дома́шка.

You can also say дома́шняя рабо́та.

Examples of "Homework" in Russian

  • Ты уже́ сде́лал дома́шнее зада́ние?

    ty u-zhé sdyé-lal da-másh-nye-ye za-dá-nee-ye

    Have you done your homework yet?

  • Дай списа́ть дома́шку?

    daî spee-sát' da-másh-ku

    Let me write off your homework?

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