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"Needlework" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Jul 07, 2020
[ ru-ka-dyé-lee-ye ]
Noun , neuter
Plural - рукоде́лия
handicraft, needlework, fancy-work

Examples of "Needlework" in Russian

  • Для мно́гих пожилы́х люде́й рукоде́лие – э́то люби́мое и поле́зное заня́тие.

    dlya mnó-geeh pa-zhee-lýh lyu-dyéî, ru-ka-dyé-lee-ye - é-ta lyu-bée-ma-ye ee pa-lyéz-na-ya za-nyá-tee-ye

    For many older people, needlework is a favorite and useful activity.

  • Моя́ сестра́ преподаёт рукоде́лие в шко́ле.

    ma-yá seest-rá pree-pa-da-yót ru-ka-dyé-lee-ye f shkó-lye

    My sister teaches needlework at school.

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