Russian word of the day: Застолье

Sep 17, 2019
[ za-stól'-ye ]
Noun , neuter
Plural - засто́лья
feast, meal, repast


  • По́сле шу́много засто́лья го́сти запуска́ли фейерве́рки.

    pós-lye shúm-na-va sa-stól'-ya gós-tee za-pus-ká-lee fee-yer-vyér-kee

    After a loud feast, the guests launched fireworks.

  • Засто́лье продли́лось до са́мой но́чи.

    za-stól'-ye pra-dlée-las' da sá-maî nó-chee

    The feast lasted until the night.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "застоль".

  • В XIX ве́ке самова́р стал це́нтром пра́здничного засто́лья и незамени́мым атрибу́том ру́сского чаепи́тия.

    v dee-veet-ná-tsa-tam vyé-kye sa-ma-vár stal tsént-ram prázd-neech-na-va zas-tól'-ya ee nye-za-mee-née-mym at-ree-bú-tam rús-ka-va chee-ee-pée-tee-ya

    In the XIX century samovar became the center of the festive meal and an indispensable attribute of Russian tea drinking.

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