How to say 

"Dessert" in Russian

Russian word of the day | May 24, 2019
[ dee-syért ]

Noun , masculine

Plural - десе́рты



  • Хоти́те како́й-нибу́дь десе́рт?

    ha-tée-tye ka-kóî nee-bút' dee-syért

    Would you like a dessert?

  • На десе́рт мы взя́ли панакоту.

    na dee-syért my vzyá-lee pa-na-kó-tu

    For dessert, we took a panakota.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "десерт".

  • Мо́жно съесть твой десе́рт?

    mózh-na s-yest' tvóî dee-syért

    Can I eat your dessert?

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