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"Closed" in Russian

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[ za-krý-ta ]

Examples of "Closed" in Russian

  • Я хоте́ла зайти́ в апте́ку, но там бы́ло закры́то.

    ya ha-tyé-la zaî-tée v ap-tyé-ku, no tam bý-la za-krý-ta

    I wanted to go to the pharmacy, but it was closed there.

  • Дверь закры́та с вну́тренней стороны́.

    dvyer' za-krý-ta s vnút-reen-nyeî sta-ra-ný

    The door is closed on the inside.

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Same stem words

покрыва́ло [pa-kry-vá-la] Noun , neuter
coverlet, bedspread, counterpane; shawl; covering, layer
открыва́лка [at-kry-vál-ka] Noun , feminine
(bottle/can) opener
to open
кры́ша [krý-sha] Noun , feminine

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