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"Attractive" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Oct 09, 2020
[ pree-vlee-ká-teel'-nyî ]
attractive, alluring, inviting, fetching
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Examples of "Attractive" in Russian

  • Улы́бчивый и привлека́тельный, он по́льзовался спро́сом у же́нщин.

    u-lýp-chee-vyî ee pree-vlee-ká-teel'-nyî, on pól'-za-val-sya spró-sam u zhén-scheen

    Smiling and attractive, he was in demand among women.

  • Я не нахожу́ э́ту иде́ю привлека́тельной.

    ya nye na-ha-zhú é-tu ee-dyé-yu pree-vlee-ká-teel'-naî

    I don't find this idea appealing.

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