Russian word of the day: Полдник

Feb 24, 2020
[ póld-neek ]
Noun , masculine
Plural - по́лдники
afternoon snack


  • По́лдник - э́то лёгкий приём пи́щи ме́жду обе́дом и у́жином.

    póld-neek - é-ta lyóh-keeî pree-yóm pée-schee myézh-du a-byé-dam ee ú-zhee-nam

    Poldnik is a small meal between lunch and dinner.

  • Ви́тя заигра́лся с друзья́ми на у́лице и оста́лся без по́лдника.

    vée-tya za-ee-grál-sya s druz'-yámee na ú-lee-tse ee as-tál-sya byes póld-nee-ka

    Vitya played with friends on the street for too long and was left without a poldnik.

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Same stem words

по́лдничать [póld-nee-chat'] Verb
to have an afternoon snack (poldnik)

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