Tak - Meaning in Russian

Tak in Russian literally means so.

In Cyrillic it’s written так.

Besides meaning so, tak can be used in all sorts of situations with slightly different meanings. For example, it can mean yes if it comes after a question. If it goes in the beginning of the sentence, it means that the person is trying to collect the thoughts and come up with a decision.

Have a look at some examples:

Всё так? – Да, всё так.
[fsyo tak? – da, fsyo tak]
Is everything alright (so)? – Yes, all is good.

Так, дава́йте договори́мся о сле́дующем…
[tak, da-váî-tye da-ga-va-réem-sya a slyé-du-yu-schem]
Ok, let’s agree on the following…

Так не пра́вильно, пра́вильно вот так.
[tak nye prá-veel’-na, prá-veel’-na vot tak]
It’s not correct like that, like that is correct.

Besides, tak often is a part of different expressions with completely different meanings.

Listen to the audio and check out more examples below.

Examples of Tak in Russian

  • Вот оно́ что ока́зывается! А я-то всё поня́ть не могла́, что не так.

    vot a-nó chto a-ká-zy-va-ee-tsa! a ya-ta vsyo pa-nyát' nye mag-la, chto nye tak

    Oh this is how it turns out! And I was struggling to understand all that time, what was wrong.

  • Куда́ ты так спеши́шь?

    ku-dá ty tak spee-shéesh

    Where are you in such a hurry?

  • Мне с утра́ так и не удало́сь норма́льно пое́сть.

    mnye s ut-rá tak ee nye u-da-lós' nar-mál'-na pa-yést'

    I have not been able to eat properly since morning.

  • Молодцы́, ребя́та, так держа́ть!

    ma-lad-tsy ree-byá-ta, tak deer-zhát'

    Well done, guys, keep it up!

  • Нельзя́ так с людьми́ обраща́ться.

    neel'-zyá tak s lyud'-mée ab-ra-schá-tsa

    You can not treat people like that.

  • Ну ты даёшь! Я так не уме́ю.

    nu ty da-yósh! ya tak nye u-myé-yu

    Wow man! I can't do what you are doing.

  • Пусть всё бу́дет так, как ты захо́чешь.

    pust' vsyo bú-deet tak kak ty za-hó-cheesh

    Let everything be as you want.

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