Pravda - Meaning in Russian

Pravda in Russian means truth.

In Russian alphabet it’s written пра́вда.

Pravda was the name of the official Soviet newspaper. In 1996, a few years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Pravda became the newspaper of the modern Russian Communist party.

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пра́вда [práv-da] Noun , feminine

Examples of Pravda in Russian

  • Е́сли что́-то повторено́ ты́сячи раз, э́то не зна́чит, что э́то пра́вда.

    yés-lee chtó-ta paf-tó-ree-na tý-see-chee ras, é-ta nye zná-cheet, chto é-ta práv-da

    If something is repeated thousands of times, it does not mean that it is true.

  • Узна́ть, говори́т челове́к пра́вду и́ли врёт, мо́жно по движе́ниям его́ глаз.

    uz-nát', ga-va-réet chee-la-vyék práv-du ée-lee vryot, mózh-na pa dvee-zhé-nee-yam ye-vó glas

    You can find out whether a person is telling the truth or is lying by the movements of his eyes.

  • Лю́ди в Росси́и и пра́вда уме́ют весели́ться.

    lyú-dee v ras-sée-ee ee práv-da u-myé-yut vee-see-lée-tsa

    People in Russia really know how to have fun.

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