Pectopah - Meaning in Russian

Pectopah in Russian means restaurant.

It is actually not pectopah but рестора́н [rees-ta-rán]. Because some Russian letters look like English ones but sound differently, English speakers tend to mispronounce the word.

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рестора́н [rees-ta-rán] Noun , masculine

Examples of Pectopah in Russian

  • Владе́льцем рестора́на оказа́лась пожила́я же́нщина ни́зкого ро́ста.

    vla-dyél'-tsem rees-ta-rá-na a-ka-zá-las' pa-zhee-lá-ya zhén-schee-na néez-ka-va rós-ta

    The owner of the restaurant turned out to be an elderly woman of low stature.

  • Мы перекуси́ли в рестора́не по пути́ к вам.

    my pee-ree-ku-sée-lee v rees-ta-rá-nye pa pu-tée k vam

    We had a bite at a restaurant on the way to you.

  • Он пригласи́л её в рестора́н.

    on preeg-la-séel ye-yó v rees-ta-rán

    He invited her to a restaurant.

  • Она́ откры́ла свой рестора́н ру́сской ку́хни.

    a-ná atk-rý-la svoî rees-ta-rán rús-kaî kúh-nee

    She opened her own restaurant of Russian cuisine.

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