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Below, we have gathered all the advanced Russian words from our series Russian Word of the Day.

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копу́ша [ka-pú-sha] Noun, masculine or feminine

slowpoke, dawdler

  • Ну ты и копу́ша!

    nu ty ee ka-pú-sha

    You are such a slowpoke!

  • И́з-за тебя́, копу́ша, мы опозда́ем на по́езд!

    eez-za tee-byá, ka-pú-sha, my a-paz-dá-eem na pó-eest

    Because of you, slowpoke, we'll be late for the train!

предвеща́ть [pryed-vee-schát'] Verb, imperfective. Perfective - предвести́ть

to forebode, to presage, to betoken, to foreshadow

  • Ничто́ не предвеща́ло беды́.

    neech-tó nye pryed-vee-schá-la bee-dý

    There were no signs of trouble.

  • Контра́кт предвеща́л партнёрам хоро́шие дивиде́нды.

    kant-rákt pryed-vee-schál part-nyó-ram ha-ró-shee-ye dee-vee-dyén-ty

    The contract foreshadowed good dividends for the partners.