How to say "Do you understand?" in Russian

Saying do you understand? in Russian depends on the number of people you are talking to and whether it is a formal or informal situation.

Here are the possible variations of do you understand? in Russian:

singular informal

plural informal or formal (singular and plural)

Понима́ешь/понима́ете is a command form of the verb понима́ть (to understand).

You can be more verbose and use some pronouns in your sentence, for example:

Ты меня́ понима́ешь?
[ty mee-nyá pa-nee-má-eesh’]
Do you understand me? (informal singular)

Вы меня́ понима́ете?
[vy mee-nyá pa-nee-má-ee-tye]
Do you understand me? (informal plural or formal)

Ты всё понима́ешь?
[ty fsyo pa-nee-má-eesh’]
Do you understand everything? (informal singular)

Вы всё понима́ете?
[vy fsyo pa-nee-má-ee-tye]
Do you understand everything? (informal plural or formal)

Ты всё по́нял?
[ty fsyo pó-nyal]
Did you understand everything? (informal singular)

Вы всё по́няли?
[vy fsyo pó-nya-lee]
Did you understand everything? (informal plural, for a formal situation it can sound a bit rude)

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The audio recording includes all the examples (in bold and blue) listed above.

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